31" LN2 Rack Systems
31' LN2 Rack Systems

31" LN2 Rack Systems

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31" Diameter Freezer System - 2" Boxes

Standard Rack Configuration | Configuration with Standard and Mini Racks

Product#DescriptionRack System Only
with Locking Rods 
Racks with Cardboard
Boxes and Dividers

For V-11-2 Racks

V31-11-2Full Sized Rack Configuration | 17 Racks$916.30$1,422.60
V31-11-2M    Full Sized Rack Configuration with Mini Racks$956.70$1,368.55

For V-12-2 Racks

V31-12-2Full Sized Rack Configuration$901.85$1,422.05
V31-12-2MFull Sized Rack Configuration with Mini Racks$1,042.45$1,491.65

For V-13-2 Racks

V31-13-2Full Sized Rack Configuration$977.50$1,541.05
V31-13-2MFull Sized Rack Configuration with Mini Racks    $1,129.70$1,616.45

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